Al-Jiyad Stables welcome company retreats and team building events as we can cater a whole day of entertainment. From a falcon show, Horse and camel show as well as a riding safari in the desert at sunset, you will leave feeling enjoyment and refreshed.

Endurance Riding & Racing

Our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding, by providing training and development opportunities that will appeal to all levels of rider from beginner to world class winner. The training is also for horses that want to compete as we are able to cater to their development as well.

Equestrian Equipment

You can locate our shop on the grounds with Equestrian equipment should you choose to take up riding, as well as souvenirs to remember your visit. There is a special corporate rate for schools, business and hotels, so please do mention it when trying to book any of our services.

Horse & Camel Riding

Have you ever been on a discovery tour in the desert? Try a horse or a camel riding at -Sieh al Salem area - especially during the sunrise or sunset. While experiencing the camel or horse ride, you will enjoy the fascinating view of the desert in peace and tranquility. We have different types of sessions to offer, from one-to-one training sessions, as well as a female trainer for those who prefer it.

Stable Leasing

Don’t have space for your horse and don’t have enough time to train them? At Al-Jiyad Stables we welcome any horses that need training and give them the best treatment possible, from ensuring their safety hygiene , vaccinations and food are to a high standard. You will be pleased to know that our stables are Air-Conditioned so the horses don’t get too hot in the summer months. Please feel free to come for a visit and see your horse’s new home.

Horse & Camel Shows

Our horses and Camels as well as our riders have been showcased in many different commercials, films and short videos. You can see their talents at Al-Hadira Restaurant in Bab-alshams as they are part of the evening show there as well. You can see some of the videos that have showcased our horses, camels and riders below: Hamdan Bin Mohamed قصيدة فخر الاجيال فزاع اول شخص احبه عيضة المنهالي - علينا وعد Dubai World Cup 2012 - Meydan SAMA DUBAI DMI.